The primary short term goal of Stream Train Productions is to write, secure financing, develop, produce and stream original human interest digital feature films for world-wide mainstream audiences. These features will be subtitled in multiple languages and marketed via social networks around the world. 

Stream Train Productions’ films will tend to be auteur driven micro cinema features by  writer/directors with a singular auteur vision. 
The primary mid term goal is to secure financing (the production budget) by offering equity investors fifty percent (50%) all revenues via private placement funding. Revenues will be generated two ways
    a) Online streaming platform Vimeo OnDemand gives ninety percent (90%) of all streaming revenue  directly back to the films producers/investors via the 50/50 split.  The streaming fees and revenue distribution via Paypal is for ease and transparency to investors. This is the most prudent and efficient method which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and investor confidence. The reason is; simplicity at it's finest!  
    b) To unite with other exhibition  streaming platforms for a period of time to coincide with a social marketing effort for online streaming via  day/date release such as Amazon Studios, iTunes, Netflix, etc. 
The primary long term goal is to attract auteur filmmakers from around the globe to submit their full length micro-cinema scripts, their video bio, a poster/logline to Stream Train Productions. If Stream Train Productions chooses to produce and exhibit these features then Stream Train Productions will become the iconoclastic micro-cinema producers to feature film debuts for many first time directors.