Robbin Michael Wagner is one of the top fine art nude photographers in the United States.  He is the first and only photographer to be on permanent display in the Penthouse of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New Orleans.  In the last few years during the erosion of the current economy, Mr. Wagner along with his partner of 17 years, Brooke Laurel Denman, wrote the following micro-cinema completed scripts, completed shorts and/or feature works in progress:  

1.    Zaharr The ReaderWhen a beautiful and successful palm reader finds herself romantically pursued by an arrogant photographer, she uses her special powers to find out if the love and the man are worth it. A romantic comedy possessed of mystical magic, sultry jazz, ancient wisdom, love and a glowing Topaz...Zaharr touches the lives of all the unsuspecting souls who cross her path in Old French Quarter, New Orleans.  Romantic Comedy

2.    Blew Suede ShoesA former cab driver living within the witness protection program unwittingly steals a shoe bomb intended for an international terrorist act.  Action/Romance/Comedy/Drama

3.    "If You Love Me....” A middle aged naive insurance broker is persuaded to financially support a seductive     young woman he meets online in the hopes of something more. Romantic Comedy

4.    Second Hand High. When a suburban housewife makes a surprise visit to her daughter in New Orleans during Mardi gras she unleashes a carnal nightmare with an internet pornographer after unwittingly consuming a date rape drug.  Comedy/Drama

5.    The Lobbyist. A modern couple steals from the rich and gives to the poor by posing as a furniture repair company specializing in the decor of five star hotels. Romantic Comedy

6.    Katrina.  When a beautiful and exotic former ballet dancer finds she is being stalked by a tabloid photographer, she masterminds a sick and twisted prank which results in the brutal murder of the local district attorney. Katrina Olav, a former defector, once a spinning and shinning star in a Russian ballet dance troupe now finds that her bucolic life in a pastoral little American town is being shattered by political associations she thought were buried long ago. Psycho/Thriller

7.    40 LoveWhen a geeky 17 year old white boy gets a job selling purple mohair couches to poor black families in 1970’s Detroit he uses his special skills as a tennis player to gamble the destiny of his life and to win the heart of his racist adversary’s daughter.  Romantic Comedy

8.    Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned.  When a young school age Catholic girl is brutally raped by a Priest, it is witnessed by her childhood friend. The two girls, bound in a parallel but unaware mutual secrecy, meet up again thirteen years later and mastermind a diabolical retribution that takes the two of them on a journey through five countries.  Psycho/Thriller

9.    The 13th Grade.  When a young psychologist falls into a grave and lands on his high school history teacher's coffin, he has an epiphany to track down his teachers from high school past and interview them on camera about "the meaning of life"... Join young Dr. Kevin Perkins on this bumpy and sometimes hilarious road though...         The 13th Grade.... Comedy/Drama

10. The Contemptuous Ruby (a neo-noir in development “Every mans’s worst nightmare..." Psycho/Thriller

11.     The Marionette - A Digital Short Film in Three Acts   A beautiful young woman is manipulated by an imaginary puppeteer. A classic story of love and redemption in the world of unrequited love and obsessive self-loathing.  MARION, parallels two lives. One as a calculating female extortionist and the other as a caricature of Poor Little Pierette seeking love’s redemption with the very victim she intended to blackmail. Dark Comedy

12.     Bird of Paradise on the Sunset Limited  A young woman, Gweneth Wilde, looking to change her life and escape obscurity, boards a train in a northern town and continues on with Margeaux Sullivan, a writer, that she met online. One of them has a secret about the other. Comedy/Drama (LGBT

13. The Nymph of Nocturne, short  A dowdy librarian has a secret. Its about to viral!  Comedy/Drama

14. She Wolf - A femme fatale of the American Dream, short, Drama

15. The Rain in Spain . . . the trials and tribulations of Liza Little. short, Comedy / Drama